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Thank you for visiting our News section. In this area you will find News relevant to the entertainment industry. To delight our visitors, we are trying our best to make this site as interactive as possible and at the same time we are taking every suggestion into consideration. Feel free to provide us with any feedback that may make us serve you better, and if you have any events coming and would like us to listed in here, please fillin the form at the message center section.

You select your ``artist of the month``, not Mr. Bias and Associates      06/27/05

Do you know who chooses the artist of the month of certain sites? If you do, please share the secret, but if not, chances are that you’ve been wondering about the process, just like me. is here to give you the power to choose the artist of the month. more...

Introducing the new      06/23/05

Have you found yourself uninformed of the latest in Garifuna Music? How do you know what new albums Garifuna artists are working on? What if you wanted to hear an album before it came out? more...

Garífuna Day Street Festival INVITATION for April 9th      04/08/05

Please join us as we celebrate Garinagu Empowerment Movement's (GEM) 5th Annual Garífuna Day Street Festival on Saturday April 9th in South Los Angeles on Avalon Boulevard, between 41st Street and 43rd Street. more...

The Lords of Punta Rock: Jimmy Suazo      03/30/05

In the end, when you come to think of it, if Jimmy Suazo had not braided his hair, he would have been an exact throwback replica of Marconi Star…without the glasses. That’s enormous power, given the fact that Marconi during his time of shine, single handedly dominated the Punta Rock Empire. more...

The Beginning of Punta Rock      03/22/05

In celebration of the 208th Anniversary of Garifuna Heritage, there’s no way we can ignore the epicenter of what has maintained Garifuna culture for the past 27 years. And yes, we must put on the record that it was not Banda Blanca who created this juggernaut. It was a group young Garifuna men in the Garifuna City of Dangriga in Belize. more...

Garifuna artists from California making grounds in the world      11/22/04

This my friends, is to let you know that there is change upon us. See, at the Garifuna Laboratory, the Garifuna artists known as Nuru have been experimenting his highly anticipated sophmore album, "Reality". more...

Garifuna Music Union shedding light on darkness      11/21/04

Right before the memorable concert held at the heart of the South Bronx elementary school, J. King, Gadu Nunez, Jorge Marin, James Lovell, Eddie Gregorio and the late Jimmy Suazo sat on a meeting table on 183rd street and Valentine Avenue discussing what they prescribed as the present crisis affecting the Punta Rock crisis. more...

Jimmy Suazo tribute and the messy aftermath      11/08/04 has published a report about the messy battle that is taking place after a group of Garifuna artists in New York joined hands to pay tribute to one of its comrades, the late Jimmy Suazo. more... Is Born Again      11/08/04 has been completely renovated from the ground up. more...


As we enter the month of November, we Garinagu, must take into perspective the reason of the Settlement Day Celebration. Many times we take for granted this especial day and just celebrate without taking into account the reason of the celebration. This is the time of the year that Garinagu from all over celebrate the day of the arrival to the land of Belize in Dangriga in 1832. more...

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