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You are viewing items by: Nuru

De eXperiment
CDclick here to listen to audio clip
Our Price: $14.97

Reality - Realidad
CDclick here to listen to audio clip
Our Price: $13.98

Luragante walagante (history of our roots)
CDclick here to listen to audio clip
Our Price: $15.98

About Nuru
Acclaimed as a “Punta Rock Jewel”, Dayaan “Nuru” Ellis is a Garifuna Punta Rocker from the legendary Garifuna city of Dangriga in the heart of Belize in Central America. His charismatic, nonchalant and professional demeanor has earned him the respect from the music industry not only in Central America but also around the world.

In his sixteen years in the music industry, Nuru have taken his career as an institution where he has combined what he has learned from the many aspect of music and its pundits to incorporate it in his latest and most awaited sophomore album entitled “Reality – Realidad”.

Nuru began his career with an all-guitar band called New Adventures. He then moved on to play with Sound City Band and made history when he joined the Punta Rock magnet bands of the 90’s: Garifuna Kids and Garifuna Legacy. He has also played with bands such as Garifuna New Generation, Ibanyani and Punta Cartel. In addition, Nuru have
collaborated with Garifuna artists like Andy Palacio, James Lovell, Mohabob Flores, Titiman Flores, Ivy Queen, Aziatic, Bella Carib, Chico Ramos, Adrian “Doc”Martinez and Paula Castillo.

Known for his on-stage electrifying performances in the U.S. and around the world, Nuru has staged performances in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Cari-Fest in Trinidad and Tobago, Afro Caribbean Festival in Veracruz Mexico, MID-DEM in Miami, Los Angeles Garifuna Street Festival, Los Angeles Festival de la Calle 8, Lincoln Center Multi-Cultural Festival, the International African Festival and Belizean Summer Park Festivals in New York. His musical talents have landed him to share the same stage with international musical characters like El Rookie” and Junior Ranks.

Recognized as a hard worker, Nuru pursued a solo career where he intends to promote and maintain the wealth and richness of Garifuna culture through his music, lyrics and electrifying performances that have won the hearts of thousands around the globe. His beliefs in educating people about Garifuna culture and music is essential
to maintain the strength of the culture and honorable.

Written by Jerry Castro


Jam 96X The Album - Aziatic
More Info
Our Price: $14.97
You save: 6%

La Gran Tribu Garifuna
Un Homenage a La Gran Tribu Garifuna – Punta Original - La Gran Tribu Garifuna
More Info
Our Price: $14.97
You save: 6%

Mi Historia - Macako
More Info
Our Price: $13.97
You save: 6%


I ordered nine of your books online from the comfort of my apartment around midnight, and I could swear that as I was turning off my computer, there was a knock at the door announcing that the books had arrived!

Michelle Forbes