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Mortgage Protection Lead freshness and quality

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The biggest problem Insurance Agents have is finding the right mortgage insurance leads provider. If you do a search on just mortgage insurance leads you will be flooded with multiple companies offering leads. But if you dig deep enough you will find that many of these companies do not offer real time leads. A few we have come across don’t even offer email support, you have to call in to get support. If its after hours than you have to hope they check their messages.

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When you deal with companies like these your leads will likely turn in to a waste of time and money. Yet while these out of date lead providers are providing you leads that may very well be expired, there are thousands of people each day going online looking for insurance coverage for their homes. Their reasons can range from concerns of fire, robbery, and among other concerns hanging over their heads. You want to reach them before they find someone else.

Here are Top Pick Leads we have taken the headache of searching for providers of Mortgage protection leads by screening out lead providers that are not using modern methods for getting leads and making them available to insurance agents In real time.

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As an insurance agent, you want leads that are going to pan out more often than not. However you are not going to know the value of a mortgage protection lead until you start buying them. Not all mortgage protection lead provider companies are the same. Some provide the most up to date leads, while others provide leads that are months or even years old.

At Top Pick Leads we only consider leads that are are delivered in a timely manner. One of the biggest problems agents experience with mortgage protection leads, is that there is a delay between the time a person looks into this type of insurance and when they receive the lead. You want delivery as quickly as possible, so you can ensure that individuals that are looking to buy into this opportunity are handled at once and giving you the best Return on Investment (or in short ROI) possible.

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We have found four mortgage insurance lead providers that offer the best quality online mortgage protection leads in “real-time” while being competitively priced. Most of our top pick providers will even let you try their mortgage insurance leads for free.

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