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Pokémon Go League Team Recommendation

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Pokémon Go’s Great League has become more Relevant with the arrival of this Go Battle League.Get in touch with Pokemon go account. For 2 weeks in each Go Battle League Each year, the Great League is going to be the attention – meaning you must think of the very best team potential at under 1500 CP.

Deoxys (Defence)

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Recommended Moves:

Counter (Quick ), Psycho Boost or Rock Slide (Charged)

Deoxys (Defence) Weaknesses:

Bug, Black, Ghost

Probably the hardest Pokémon to Have on this List, because it was one of four EX Raid forms which came and went with very little caution (and, as a Mythical, cannot be traded).

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But if you have a Deoxys (Defence), the Stats at reduced levels are exceptional and odd move combination because of its kind (its rapid move Counter is battling ) makes it a winner – particularly when it’s not weak against much in the current meta.



Ghost and Fire

Recommended Moves:

Hex (Fast), Shadow Ball (Charged)

AlolanMarowak Weaknesses:

Water, Ghost, Ground, Dark, Rock

As a raid exclusive this is just another hard You to come with, but excellent stats, accessibility to strong ghost moves and odd dual scanning which makes more difficult to shoot down, and AlolanMarawak can really surprise the common match-ups you’re bound to develop against.

It’s especially useful against fighting (Hariyama) and psychic (DeoxysDefence), and, if you want to raise its effectiveness further, throw in a second Charged movement in the flame type, and you’re able to pick off grass and steel, too.


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Recommended Moves:

Counter (Fast), Superpower (Charged)

Hariyama Weaknesses:

Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Hariyama is an easy to access and moderately Strong fighting type, allowing you to conquer Registeel effortlessly – just take care when coming up against flying motions (of which steel-type Skarmory will come packaging with) and psychic sorts.

It’s worth saying most other fighting kinds Are good choices – for example Machamp, Medicham, Breloom or even Heracross, though as a regional exclusive, is harder to come by.


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Earth, Earth

Recommended Moves:

Mud Shot (Fast), Mud Bomb (Charged)

Whiscash Weaknesses:

Grass (x2)

Charged move Mud Bomb is quickly and Catastrophic in the ideal position, allowing it to take down meta hot types such as Altaria, DeoxysDefence, AlolanMarawak and Registeel with ease.

Blizzard is a welcome moment movement if you Can spare it, so you could defend against Grass forms, that Whiscash is weak against (though it’s worth saying Grass function as the only real weakness makes Whiscash all the more an attractive alternative ).

Even though you hopefully have enough BarboachTo get a Wishcash easily, an choice is the harder to acquire Toxicroak – a Fighting type which also packs a punch using Mud Shot.

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