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Quality life insurance leads

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There are several measures to finding quality leads. These are questions you should ask any lead provider as we have done with the providers listed below.

  • How many agents have access to a health insurance lead?
  • Will a lead provider give you exclusive rights to health insurance lead?
  • How old could any potential health insurance lead be by the time it gets to an agent?
  • What filtering options are available when looking for health insurance leads?
  • Can you return bad health insurance leads for a refund?
  • Can you get those health insurance leads in real time?
  • All of this comes back to the life insurance leads you are getting from a company.Image result for Quality life insurance leads

Top Pick Leads has asked these questions, and tested to ensure that the companies listed below are committed to the standards we have set. We understand when you buy health insurance leads, you will need to ensure you look into any company in advance to ensure that you aren’t pulling people from the same pool. Sometimes, the leads offered will be exclusive, while others will group together a collection of leads and send them to several people.

The lead company you are dealing with understands the industry. Their staff should be committed to connecting you with the right leads, right off the bat. When you sample any health insurance leads from a company, it will be critical to explore their success record and to get a general feeling for the types of life insurance leads that they will be providing.

Life insurance lead generation

Image result for Quality life insurance leads

Since Top Pick Leads was put together by actual agents in the field, we put together our own data.  Allowing us to determine who offers quality leads.  We avoid health insurance lead providers that scour leads by surveys and digital currency to persuade customers to sign up for information requests, even when they aren’t interested. Since you are paying for the leads that are generated, you need to ensure that the company you will be working with isn’t enticing people to sign up for quotes that may not genuinely be interested in them.

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