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The problem with old Mortgage Protection Lead Providers

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By the chance you get a lead from a Mortgage Protection lead provider that uses outdated methods for delivery, the lead may already have insurance. This by no surprise may result in an uncomfortable contact with someone haggard by phone calls from other insurance agents. This can be even more uncomfortable if that person’s contact information was oversold to other agents.

Mortgage Protection Leads are profitable market, and as with any market where there is real value there is risk. But risks with mortgage protection leads can be dramatically cut when the lead provider does the following:

Does not over selling the lead to more than 5 agents (preferable less).

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Offers the ability to exclusive access to a lead.

Leads are fresh and delivered in real time.

The lead provider must provide multiple filters for agents to hone in on their market.

Offer refunds on any defective lead.

Because of the profitable nature of mortgage protection leads, it is important that an agent thoroughly research any mortgage lead provider. While many companies will offer solid leads, there may still be some problems that can be experienced when dealing with those who have requested additional information about this form of protection.

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While you may find that some companies are not going to give you completely exclusive leads, there are some that will at least minimize the number of people who get a name and information. Make sure that you focus on the reputation of a provider in an effort to get the best set of leads possible.

When you are exploring protection mortgage leads, it will be important to focus on your local territory and ensure that you aren’t doing double duty. There are some agencies that will provide a local area with the same information and let the agents decipher who will go after what lead. This can prove to be problematic when you have a person going for the full pot. In your area, you want to ensure that you are using exclusive leads as often as possible, to avoid any future problems.

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